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Birthdate:Jan 1
Fandom:Faking It
Age: 16
Class Year: Sophomore {Class of 2017}
Room: 306 with Raven Darkholme
OOC Contact:princessarcasm at gmail

tues | ethics: navigating the grey areas | skywalker + kenobi
tues | creative problem-solving | spencer + parker
wed | friendship is cakes! | pie + hale
world literature | npc class
geometry | npc class
thurs | dite's decadent delights

Audience Alienating Premise
Mistaken for Gay
Chapstick Lesbian
Deadpan Snarker
Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry
I Want My Beloved to Be Happy
Precision F-Strike
Romantic Two-Girl Friendship
Tomboy and Girly Girl
In creating this journal, the author has assumed the identity of a fictional person for use in the role-playing game fandomhigh, for the sole purpose of entertainment, without intending to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud either the person who created the fictional person, or any reader of this content. The author does not purport to be the creator of the fictional person, or to be affiliated with the creator, or with any person or entity with an interest in the fictional person. The author does not claim to be the person who is being used as the graphical representation of that fictional person, nor intend to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud that person by use of their image.

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